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The Great 5 domain is for sale.

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This premium domain can now be purchased or leased or JV'd for almost any kind of online or offline business or promotion.  Potential new uses may be for a Great 5 action movie series, Great 5 stories or cartoon franchise, a Great 5 product line - Great 5 Stores or Great 5 whatever.  Contact Richard Pawlowski personally and chat about acquiring the domain. Also click the ABOUT link for more info.

In 1978 The Great 5% Real Estate Companies was the first discount real estate franchise in the USA. It was founded to discount real estate commissions to 5% or less and to compete with Century 21 and all otters real estate brokers. It was founded by an entrepreneurial broker and attorney. However, the Recession of 1982 (22% interest rates) wiped out the owners even though over 150 people were working within the franchise - in 30 offices in three states. Hard but good lessons learned.

The original founder (Richard Pawlowski) is the current owner of the domain and offers the domain with or without franchise consulting - after the acquisition.

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